BB-RS500 BSA Bottom Bracket / Средно Куха Ос Шосе

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  • Марка: Shimano
  • Кат. номер: 0302011
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Make / Марка: Shimano  
Model / Модел: BB-RS500 Hollowtech. BSA English   Tiagra / Sora / 105 
Подходящо за: Road / Cross / Sport / Gravel 
Lenght / Размер: 68mm 
Резба: English tread. BC 1.37 x 24T 
Weight / Тегло: 70gr 
Ос касета за курбели на ВЪНШНИ лагери с куха ос.
Fits / Съвместима с : SHIMANO Road Cranks / Шосейни Курбели


Bulk pack / Индустриална опаковка.

Scope of delivery

Hollowtech II is using 24 mm axle and bearings. After studying all factors and testing, Shimano made the decision to adopt the 24 mm diameter axle and bearings to provide the best balance of rotating performance / stiffness / strength / sealing / weight in Shimano Quality.



Application: Road, Cyclocross, Gravel
Type: BSA 
Shell Width: 68 mm (BSA) 
Axle Diameter: 24 mm (Hollowtech II) 

Technical Information:

Bearings: steel
Bottom Bracket Cup Material: aluminium


- bearing cups anodized
- durable performance
- improved sealing construction
- recommended for FC-RS510, FC-RS500, FC-RS400, FC-R563, FC-CX50, FC-4700, FC-4703, FC-R460, FC-3550, FC-3503, FC-R350, FC-R3030, FC-R3000, FC-R2000, FC-R2030


Hollowtech II
The outboard bearings offer better weight distribution and more stability that provides a more efficient power transfer. The diameter of the bearing axle (24 mm) was an important factor in development because the axle has a positive effect on stiffness, stability, weight, and rotating efficiency.

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