223 x 2.0mm 6B Wave E-Bike Enduro 6-bolt Rotor / Ротор с 6 болта

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  • Марка: Galfer
  • Кат. номер: 0705001
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Make / Марка: Galfer 
Model / Модел: DB007W - Fixed Disc Wave 
Manufacturer ID: DB007W / 17104156 
EAN/UPC: 8400170076881

Material / Материал: Stainless Steel 
Size / Размер: 223mm 
Mount type / Монтаж: 6-bolt (Included) / 6 болта (Включени в комплекта) 
Rotor thickness / Дебелина: 2.0mm 
Weight / Тегло: 229g (Manufacturer info) 

Bulk pack / Индустриална опаковка 

Recommended for Magura 4-piston brakes / Препоръчан за 4-бутални спирачки Magura 

Recommended for Hayes 4-piston brakes / Препоръчан за 4-бутални спирачки Hayes 

Laser-cut from high-carbon stainless steel, Galfer Shark rotors are a direct application of top-competition technology made available to all users. They replace the original discs without the need for adaptation or manipulation. Made in Spain, all Galfer brake discs have anti-corrosion treatment, are lighter than most discs on the market and do not emit noise or vibration. 

E-Bike, Enduro, Gravity optimized 
Aggressive bite 
Superior pad cleaning capacity 
Ideal for mud and wet conditions

Product Details / Детайли за Продукта
Информация за Доставка
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Product Details / Детайли за Продукта
Rotor Diameter / Диаметър на Ротора:
Disc Rotor Mount Type / Монтаж на Диска:
Disc 6-Bolt
Rotor Thickness / Дебелина Ротор:
Информация за Доставка

Scope of delivery / Информация за доставка 

1x Galfer DB007W - Fixed Disc Wave 223mm IS Rotor 

6x T25 Screws 

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