• Марка: Shimano
  • Кат. номер: 0702002

160mm Shimano SLX RT70-S Centre Lock Rotor / Ротор с Централна Гайка

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Make / Марка: SHIMANO
Model / Модел: SM-RT70  Ice-Tech    Metal & Resin pad Compatible. 
Material / Материал: Allu Spider & Stainless Japan steel.
Size / Размер: 160mm
Fit / Монтаж: Center Lock Star Nut Incl. /  Централна Гайка Вкл. в комплекта. 
Weight / Тегло: 235gr. 


AM pack / Оригинална опаковка. 


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Shimano SLX RT70 M7000 Centre Lock Rotor 

The SM-RT70 Ice-Tech rotors (160, 180 and 203mm) have a sandwich structure of an aluminium core embedded in 2 stainless steel layers. The higher heat dissipation of the aluminium helps to reduce the surface temperature of the rotor by around 100 degrees Celsius.

Optional Ice-Tech brake pads with aluminium cooling fins can reduce the brake pad surface temperature by another 50 degrees. The result is high stopping power and practically no signs of fading. They also feature a new design with refined shaping over the RT68 rotor.

Centrelock Disc not compatible with IS2000 disc rotor mount (6 hole system)

The 180/203mm disc requires a special adapter. Please do not exceed the disc specifications of your fork/frame.


  • SM-RT70 Ice Tech rotors give excellent performance using the proven Shimano Centre-Lock system providing excellent rigidity and security with an easy set-up
  • The clad steel/alloy/steel rotor construction allows heat generated from braking to radiate quickly through the aluminium core achieving surface temperature drops of around 50 degrees C. When used with Ice Tech pads surface temperatures can drop from around 400 to 300 degrees C, this provides great improvements in performance all round
  • New refined shaping design over RT68
  • Ice Tech rotors achieve long pad life, less noise and less fade due to improved heat dispersion
  • Rotor contact surface has been developed for excellent pad clearing and cooling which increases pad performance and life
  • Comes complete with lockring

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