Pro Team Tubeless 11bar Floorpump Air Canister / Помпа Велосипед Контейнер за Безкамерни Гуми

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  • Марка: PRO - Shimano
  • Кат. номер: 4506029
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Make / Марка: Pro - Shimano 
Model / Модел: Team Tubeless Floorpump 
Manufacturer ID: PRPU0088 
EAN/UPC: 8717009389631 / 022255063968 

Barrel length / Дължина на цилиндъра: 57cm 
Valve type / Тип вентил: Schrader / Presta - Съвместима с всички видове вентили 
Pressure / Налягане: 11bar / 160PSI capable 
Gauge / Манометър: Yes, 4" 
Hose / Маркуч: Yes 
Extra features / Допълнителни: Tubeless canister with manual valve / Контейнер с клапан за безкамерни гуми 
Material / Материал: Alloy barrel, Steel base, Resin handle 
Suitable for / Подходяща за: Tubeless, MTB, Road, Workshop, Garage, Home, General use 

Bulk pack / Индустриална опаковка 

Upgrade and outperform in your home workshop with the PRO Team Tubeless Floorpump. Boasting two-in-one floorpump and compressor functionality it is perfect for not only inflating bicycle tires but also seating tubeless tires. Its robust alloy construction and compressor canister allows you to pump air into the canister which can then be released in a high volume and high pressure burst to seat tubeless tires. The Team Tubeless Floorpump is capable of seating road, gravel and mountain bike tires, up to 2.3 inches wide, and features an AH head that has both Schrader and Presta valve compatibility. 

Two-in-one floorpump and compressor 
Alloy construction 
Wide base for stability 
Long hose for ease of use 
AH Head features Schrader and Presta compatibility 
Seats up to 2.3-inch-wide tires 
Road, Gravel and MTB compatible 
Accurate pressure gauge 
Max pressure 160 psi 

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Scope of delivery / Информация за доставка 

1x Pro Team Tubeless Floorpump 

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