NX Eagle 126L 12-speed Chain / Верига 12 Скорости 126 Звена

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  • Марка: Sram
  • Кат. номер: 1106010
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Make / Марка: Sram 
Model / Модел: NX Eagle 12-Speed 
Manufacturer ID: 00.2518.031.011 
EAN/UPC: 710845813085 

Gears / Скорости: 12-speed 
Length / Дължина: 126 links / 126 звена 
Connector / Свързване: Quick-Link included / Бързо звено в комплекта 
Outer plates / Външни звена: Grey, Polished 
Inner plates / Вътрешни звена: Grey, Polished 
Color / Цвят: Silver / Сребрист 
Weight / Тегло: 273g (Manufacturer info) 
Compatibility / Съвместимост: 12-speed drivetrains / Дванадесет скоростни системи 

Bulk pack / Индустриална опаковка 

The basis of every Eagle drivetrain is its chain, and the NX Eagle chain is designed and manufactured using genuine Sрам's Eagle architecture, so it is fully compatible with every other component in the Eagle ecosystem. The NX Eagle chain features solid pin construction, Eagle PowerLock and smooth, efficient shifting that you can count on every time out. 

Eagle PowerLock chain connector
low Link technology provides better chain-guiding and increased longevity 
Unique features and design also provide significantly improved wear resistance on Eagle cassettes and rings. 

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Scope of delivery / Информация за доставка 

1x Sram NX Eagle 12-Speed Chain 126L, including PowerLock Quick-Link 

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