15x28x7 6902 LLU Max Deep Grooved Sealed Bearing / Капсулован Лагер за Главина

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  • Марка: Enduro Bearings
  • Кат. номер: 2215287
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Make / Марка: Enduro Bearings  

Model / Модел: 6902 LLU MAX MAX Series 

EAN - UPC: 185843000100 

Inside Diameter / Вътрешен Диаметър: 15.00mm 

Outside Diameter / Външен Диаметър: 28.00mm 

Width / Ширина: 7.00mm 

Seals or Shields / Уплътнение: Silicone dual up seal  

Clearance: C3 / CN  

Bulk Pack / Индустриална опаковка 


“MAX” Type bearings have no retainer and a fill slot for balls. “MAX” stands for Maximum number of Balls. This design allows the bearing to handle 35% more load capacity than retainer type (standard) bearings. Max bearings come with 90% grease fill using CRC Marine Grease or Almagard ® extra-high pressure grease. Max bearings do not spin as smoothly as the retainer bearings and work best in Suspension pivots. In some cases, a Max bearing can be used to replace an undersized bearing in a hub or used for a heavier rider. “LLU” is a double-lipped type seal that making medium contact. The “LLU” seal rides in a groove making a labyrinth seal.  


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1 x 15287 Enduro Bearings LLU MAX 



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