Coast Saddle Fender Ass Saver Black / Калник за Седалка Заден

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  • Марка: Syncros
  • Кат. номер: 0108033
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Make / Марка: Syncros 
Model / Модел: Coast Saddle Fender, Multimount 
Manufacturer ID: 288341 
EAN/UPC: 7615523369539 

Material / Материал: Nylon with Glass Fiber 
Color / Цвят: Black 
Mount / Захващане: Mounts to all Syncros saddles featuring 2 threaded inserts (Syncros specific) 
Weight / Тегло: 28g (Manufacturer info) 
Dimensions / Размери: 236x74mm 

Bulk pack / Индустриална опаковка 

Our Multimount system is designed to allow you to fit what you want for your ride - lights, fender, saddle bag in any combination or all three. Your ride, your choice. The system works with all Syncros saddles equipped with threaded inserts. This model allows mounting of a Syncros DM450/650QR saddle bag and Campbell 100 light. Mounting is easy and fast, simply press and slide. The kit includes mounting screws. The fender itself is made from a flexible material allowing the rider to jump off the bike easily. 

Designed for Syncros saddles equipped with threaded inserts 
Multimount standard allows combination with Syncros IS-xxx-QR saddle bags and Campbell 100 light 
Easy to mount and dismount with 1 press and slide 
Delivered with mounting screws, 2 screws supplied 
Flexible material enabling to jump out of the bike easily 

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Scope of delivery / Информация за доставка 

1x Syncros Coast Saddle Fender, Multimount 

2x Mounting screws 


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