Shimano Deore Trail BR-M6120/6100 Resin 4/2-Piston J-Kit Disc Brake Set / Комплект 4/2-Бутални Дискови Спирачки

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  • Марка: Shimano
  • Кат. номер: 0400039
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Make / Марка: Shimano 
Model Модел: Deore M6120/6100 Brake Set - Комплект 2 Спирачки Предна и Задна 
Manufacturer ID: ЕМ61201JLFPRA100 
EAN/UPC: 4550170687205 / 192790687209 
Manufacturer ID: EM61001JRRXMA170 
EAN/UPC: 4550170687038 / 192790687032 

Color / Цвят: Black / Черен 
Hose / Маркуч: 100см преден, 170см заден, Оригинален маркуч 
J-Kit - Internal routing ready / Готови за вътрешно окабеляване 
Levers / Лостчета: BL-M6100 ляв и десен монтаж - L and R - Left and Right 
Oil / Течност: Shimano Mineral Oil only - Оригинално напълнени от производителя 

Calipers / Апарати: 
Front: BR-M6120 4-Piston, Post-Mount монтаж (PM) 
Rear: BR-M6100 2-Piston, Post-Mount монтаж (PM) 

Pads / Накладки: 
Front: D03S Resin w/o Fin / Органични без Радиатори 
Реар: G03S Resin w/o Fin / Органични без Радиатори 

Adapter brackets and bolts NOT included / Без адаптори и болтове 
Описание: Готови за монтаж и употреба 
Weight / Тегло: 640g /pair (Manufacturer info) 

Bulk pack / Индустриална опаковка 

With quicker brake engagement and shorter free stroke, the Shimano Deore BL-M6100 brake lever delivers intuitive braking so you can stay focused on the trail ahead. The I-Spec EV shift lever compatibility offers a wider adjustment range for superior rider tuning. The Shimano Deore M6120 &M6100 caliper features lightweight & consistent braking performance and reliable stopping power in all conditions. The 4-piston caliper instills greater downhill confidence and control. 

Use: MTB, E-MTB, Enduro, Trail, All Mountain, Cross Country, Marathon 
Group series: Deore M6100 
Model: BL-M6100 / BR-M6120 / BR-M6100 
Brake type: Hydraulic disc-brake 
Pads: D03S & G03S Resin without Fin 
Lever: 2-Finger, Ergonomic 
Servo Wave action: Yes 
Reach adjustment: Yes (With tool) 
Compatible shift lever mount: I-Spec EV direct attachment 
Clamp band: Hinged open clamp 
Brake hose: SM-BH90-SS, J-Kit spec 
Hose length: Front 1000mm / Rear 1700mm (Shortable) 
Hose joint (Lever): Straight 
Hose joint (Caliper): Straight 
Hydraulic oil: Shimano mineral oil 
Caliper pistons: 4 Pistons front, Ceramic / 2 Pistons rear, Resin 
Ice Technologies heat management: Yes, Finned pads & rotor compatible (Not included) 
Postmount caliper mounting (PM): Yes, Direct mount 
International Standard caliper mounting (IS): Yes, Adapter needed 
Bleeding system: One way bleeding with Funnel
Recommended disc brake rotor: SM-RT54, SM-RT56, SM-RT64, SM-RT66 
Compatible rotor size: 220mm, 203mm, 180mm, 160mm, 140mm 
Lever bracket: Aluminum 
Lever blade: Aluminum 
Caliper: Aluminum, forged 
Pistons: Ceramic, Resin

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Scope of delivery / Информация за доставка 

2x Brake Levers Deore BL-M6100 Left & Right 

1x Brake Caliper Deore BR-M6120 (4-Piston) 

1x Brake Caliper Deore BR-M6100 (2-Piston) 

2x Brake Hoses SM-BH90-SS 1000mm & 1700mm (Shortable) 

2x Tube Joint Kits 

1x Brake pad set D03S Resin without Fin (for Front caliper) 

1x Brake pad set G03S Resin without Fin (for Rear caliper) 

4x Fastening bolts (for 2 calipers)

The brake hoses SM-BH90-SS are filled with mineral oil and pre-mounted on the calipers! 

Rotors and Adapters not included! 

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