Pro Pressure Checker Digital / Цифров Манометър Налягане

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  • Марка: PRO - Shimano
  • Кат. номер: 4506022
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Make / Марка: PRO-Shimano 

Model / Модел: Pro Pressure Checker Digital 

Manifacturer ID: PRPU0095 

EAN/UPC: 8717009376105 / 022255034746 

Schader / Presta. Съвместима с всички видове вентили 

Material / Материал: Copmosite 

Weight / Тегло: 213gr. 

Max: 11bar 

Fits / Подходящ за: MTB / Treking / Street 


Bulk pack / Оригинална опаковка 


PRO air pressure tester digital 

Driving with the correct air pressure saves you strength and can save your material. The Pro Air Pressure Tester helps. The display can be switched from bar to PSI. A fine-tuning in real time, in combination with the exhaust button, allows the exact adjustment of the air pressure to one hundredth of a bar. This is especially necessary for fatigue tires. After work, it shuts off alone and can be hung on the small eyelet in the workshop again and again findable. 


Technical specifications: 

Compatibility: Auto | Presta 

Pressure: 11 bar / 160 PSI (switchable on the device) 

Dimensions (LxWxH): not specified 

Color: Black 

Weight: 60 g (manufacturer) 

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1 x PRO air pressure tester digital 

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