Magura MT5e HIGO-Closer - Normally Open 3-Finger 4-Piston Disc Brake / Предна или Задна 4-Бутална Е-Байк Хидравлична Дискова Спирачка

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  • Марка: Magura Components
  • Кат. номер: 0401048
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Make / Марка: Magura 
Model Модел: MT5е, HIGO-Closer (Normally Open) 3-finger Lever Blade with Ball End 
Manufacturer ID: 2700984 
EAN/UPC: 4055184013632 

Color / Цвят: Black / Черен
Hose / Маркуч: 220см, Оригинален маркуч 
Lever / Лост: 3-finger Alloy lever blade with ball end, двустранен монтаж - L or R - Left or Right 
Oil / Течност: Magura Royal Blood only - Оригинално напълнена от производителя 
Caliper / Апарат: 4-Piston, Post-Mount монтаж (РМ
Pads / Накладки: 9.P Performance Organic 

Adapter bracket and bolts NOT included / Без адаптор и болтове 
Описание: Готова за монтаж и употреба 
Weight / Тегло: 295g (Manufacturer info) 

Bulk pack / Индустриална опаковка 

MT5e - The MT5e brakes everything… even the engine! Specially developed for S-Pedelecs, the MT5e has an integrated switch for motor and brake light. The high braking force of 4 pistons and its fine modulation make the MT5e a sure-footed companion. The aluminium, three-finger brake lever is ergonomically perfect for your hands, allowing you to easily and accurately apply the braking power you need, even during long braking actions. The use of Carbotecture technology in the lever housing keeps the MT5e's weight down to a minimum and provides optimal braking performance. Magura guaranees on that. 

Use: E-MTB, Gravity, Enduro, Trail, All Mountain, E-Cargo Bike, Tour, Trekking 
Model: MT5e 
E-Bike motor cut-off: HIGO Closer (Normally Open) 
HIGO connector: 2 Pole, Male, Red 
Brake type: Hydraulic Disc-Brake 
Pads: 9.P Performance Organic 
Lever: 3-Finger, Dual-sided (Ambidextrous) 
Reach Adjustment: Yes, with tool 
Compatible shift lever mount: Shiftmix for Shimano I-Spec EV, II, B, Sram Matchmaker (Additional parts required) 
Clamp band: 2-piece open clamp 
Brake hose: Magura disc tube 
Hose length: 2200mm (Shortable) 
Hose joint (Lever): Straight 
Hose joint (Caliper): Banjo (Rotatable tube connection) 
Hydraulic oil: Magura Royal Blood mineral oil
Caliper pistons: 4 Pistons per caliper 
MagnetiXchange: Yes (Magnetic pad holders) 
One-piece caliper (OPD): Yes 
Postmount caliper mounting (PM): Yes, Direct mount 
International Standard caliper mounting (IS): Yes, Adapter needed 
Bleeding system: EBT (Easy Bleed Technology) 
Lever bracket: Carbotecture 
Lever blade: Aluminum 
Caliper: Aluminum, forged 

Product Details / Детайли за Продукта
Информация за Доставка
Доставка за България
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Product Details / Детайли за Продукта
Brake Fluid / Течност:
Mineral Oil
Brake Lever Type:
Two Side Left/Right
Lever length / Дължина Лостче:
Lever Master Mount / Монтаж:
Caliper Type:
4 - Piston Hydraulic
Caliper Mount:
Post Mount - PM
Cable Connection:
Brake Pads Type:
Информация за Доставка

Scope of delivery / Информация за доставка 

1x MT5е, HIGO-Closer (Normally Open) 3-finger Lever Disc Brake (Mountable as Left or Right) 

2x Fastening screw 

2x Washers 

2x Pin-insert 

2x Olive 

6x Fitting bolts for rotor Torx T25 

1x Torx key 

1x Transport safety spacer 

Disc brakes are ready-to-install, filled and bled! 

Rotor and Adapter not included! 

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