BOX Three Prime 9sp Trigger Shifter / Дясна Команда 9 Скорости

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  • Марка: BOX Components
  • Кат. номер: 1805010
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Make / Марка: BOX Components 
Model / Модел: Three Prime Multi Shifter 

Manifacturer ID: BX-SH3-P9AMS-BK 

EAN/UPC: 639266097327 
Speed / Скорости: 9sp / 9 венци 
Mount / Монтаж: Bar Clamp / Скоба на кормилото 
Right / Десен 
Color / Цвят: Black / Черно 
One-Way Release / Еднопосочно превключване 
Fits / Съвместими със скоростни системи BOX  


Bulk pack / Индустриална опаковка 



The Box Three shifter makes good use of nylon composites in both top and bottom shells as well as the levers. Box Three is our performance and value tier. So this shifter sheds all the fancy trappings of the top 2 tiers but maintains their shifting characteristics. All Prime 9 shifters take advantage of the 9-speed's inherent durability, simplicity, and reliability. Not only is the shifter mechanism joyfully simplified, but fewer shifts are needed for every mile of travel. And the best part is? Prime 9 is also terribly forgiving so you won't have to constantly adjust your set-up. Available as a multi-shift (pull several gears at once) or single-shift shifter (a sound choice for e-bikes). 


Our Best All-Rounder Shifter 

Extruded Clamp 

2 Piece Pull Lever / Up to 3 Gears Per Shift (Multi*) 

Single Shift Per Swing for E-Bike Safe Shifting 

Resin Top Shell 

MTB Style Release Lever (V2) 

Prime 9 Technology™ 

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Status / Статус
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Scope of delivery / Информация за доставка 

1 x BOX Three Prime 9-speed shifter 

1 x Gear Wire 

Gear Cable NOT Incl! 

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