27.5 Mezzer Pro 180mm Tapered 44mm Boost Fork / Вилка 180 Ход Конусен Стержен Проходна Ос 15x110mm

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  • Марка: Manitou
  • Кат. номер: 1506006
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Make / Марка: Manitou 
Model / Модел: Mezzer Pro 180mm Tapered 15mm - Boost 

Manifacturer ID: 191-36235-A001 

EAN: 844171075920 

Travel / Ход: 180mm - Регулируем до 140 
Size / Размер: 27.5'  ETRTO 584 
Dropouts: 15mm x 110mm BOOST 
Steerer / Стержен: Threadless Tapered 1,5-1,1/8" 
Stancions / Стеншъни: 37mm Black / Черни  

Damper Type: 


Brake Mount: Post Mount 180mm MIN - 220mm MAX 
Color / Цвят: Black / Черен 
Weight / Тегло: 

Use / Препоръчително: MTB, Trail, Enduro, AM  

Bulk pack / Индустриална опаковка 



Technical specifications:

intended use : Enduro

E-bike ready: n / a

Wheel size: 27.5 inches

Fork crown / shaft material: Deep-Hollow Forged aluminum / aluminum

Material stanchions: 7057 aluminum, black anodized

Standpipe diameter: 37 mm

Immersion tube material: aluminum

axle type : 15 x 110 mm BOOST

plug axis (HexLock SL2)

Steerer: 1.5 "to 1 1/8" tapered

Steerer tube length: approx. 265 mm

Travel: 180 mm (adjustable to 140 mm in 10 mm increments)

Spring system: Dorado Air

Adjustment of the spring characteristic: yes, with IRT system (air spring)

Damping: MC2, high speed compression, low speed compression, low speed rebound

Lockout: without

Installation height: 574 mm (with 180 mm travel)

Brake mount: Postmount (180 mm) Max. permissible brake disc size: 220 mm

Tire diameter max .: not specified

Tire width max .: 2.6 inches (with Mudguard), 2.8 inches (without Mudguard)

Offset: 44 mm

Color: black matt

Weight according to the manufacturer: 2000g 



Equipped with unprecedented functions, the Mezzer Pro offers enough handling and control to master even the most demanding enduro rides. Thanks to the 37 mm stanchions and the reverse fork bridge (Reverse Arch), the Mezzer Pro is the stiffest fork in its category. Depending on whether your trail bike needs to be updated or your enduro shock needs a suitable counterpart, the Mezzer Pro can be engraved in 10 mm increments from 180 (delivery status) to 140 mm using the included spacer. In addition, the fork has a sensitive adjustable low and high speed compression levels and rebound damping. Smooth-running SKF dust seals improve the response behavior on light terrain and ensure that no dirt gets inside the fork. A hydraulic "puncture protection" (HBO) increases the progression and thus prevents unwanted damage when walking hard. Together with the fully adjustable air spring and Manitous IRT (Infinite Rate Tune) system, the Mezzer Pro is the ultimate enduro fork. Dorado Air This suspension was originally developed for the Dorado downhill forks, it offers ultimate sensitivity with a self-balancing negative air spring. When the fork is inflated, both the positive and negative air pockets are filled at the same time to equalize the pressure and create an incredibly smooth suspension feel. MC² damper The closed damper cartridge offers a variety of adjustment options to meet all requirements with separate settings for high and low-speed compression. In addition, the new cartridge has a bladder and thus ensures even more uniform damping under the toughest driving conditions. Infinite Rate Tune (IRT) system IRT is a secondary air chamber that allows you to set the middle stroke of the fork regardless of the initial stroke. HBO A function known from the Dorado is HBO (Hydraulic Bottom out). The externally adjustable HBO enables the driver to set higher progression in the last quarter for jumps regardless of the compression damping set-up, spring pressure or driver weight. HexLock SL2 The HexLock SL2 thru-axle system offers you incredible performance and enormous stiffness with low weight.

Product Status
Status / Статус
Sold Out - Available in at least Six Weeks
Информация за Доставка

Scope of delivery / Информация за доставка 

1 x MANITOU suspension fork 27.5 "Mezzer Pro 180 mm | BOOST 44 mm offset tapered black matt 

1 x Hexlock SL2 thru axle 

1 x Mudguard with fastening screws 

4 x 10 mm travel spacers

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