29 - S RaceLine Pair Protection Inserts / Комплект Вложки Инсърти за Защита

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  • Марка: PTN - Pepi's Tyre Noodle
  • Кат. номер: 3301019
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Make / Марка: PTN - Pepi's Tyre Noodle 
Model / Модел: Raceline - RED 
Размер: 29" - S 

Valve / Вентил: Presta / Френски - Removable Valve Core Incl ( Включен в комплекта ) 
Fits Rim / Подходяща Шина: 23 - 35mm 

Fits Tyre Width / Подходяща ширина на гумата: 55 - 65mm 

Fit Tyre / Подходяща Гума: 60 max 
Material / Материал: PTN developed an ultralight and robust Hi-tech Material  
Color / Цвят: Red / Червен 
Weight / Тегло: 90gr. ЛЕК ! 

Product features

  • Use: Downhill, Enduro, All Mountain, XC, E-MTB
  • Used and tested in World Cup races
  • Fewer rim damages and tyre defects due to snake bites
  • Allows to ride with lower air pressure and thus improves grip
  • No changes to rim, wheel or other parts needed
  • Compatible with all aluminium and carbon rims unless excluded by the manufacturer
  • Damping system for a smoother and faster ride
  • Allows you to continue or finish your race in case of a flat
  • Limited, high-quality production
  • Handmade by BSC srl 


Bulk Pack / Индустриална опаковка 

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