52nd St 4mm Denim Chain / Верига за Велосипед с Код

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  • Марка: ulac Bike Lock
  • Кат. номер: 0104016
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Make / Марка: ulac lock 
Model / Модел: 52nd Street  

Manifacturer ID Part Number: A800CXL 
Lenght / Дължина:120cm 
Material / Материал: High Security Heat-Hardened Steel / Висококачествена Закалена Стомана 
Size Length / Размер Дължина: 120cm 
Color / Цвят: Blue / Син  
Weight / Тегло: 420gr 

Security Level / Ниво на Сигурност: 5 from 10 
Описание: Верига за: велосипед, мотопед, скутер, мотор 

Механизъм за Заключване с 10 000 Уникални Комбинации 

Здрава Текстилна Обвивка 

Велкро Лента в Комплекта 

Bulk pack / Индустриална опаковка 


Chain locks are versatile and lightweight and ULAC 52nd Street makes the difference with fashionable sleeves that stand out in a crowd. pThe 120cm hardened steel chain is long enough to lock up to two bikes. ULAC velcro allows for easy storage Heat-treated hardened steel chain (for cutting + tensile resistance)

Resettable combination lock mechanism up to 10,000 unique combos

High quality nylon sleeve protects your bike from scratches

Transport by wrapping the chain around top tube or seat post

Chain Dimensions: 4mm (0.15in) chain links

Chain Length: 120cm (47in)

Weight: 420g. / 0.9lbs (lock only)

Scope of delivery

Scope of Delivery / Информация за Доставка

1 x ulac 52nd Street Blue 

1 x Velcro 

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