125ml Joe's Eco-Nano Lube Dry Conditions / Универсална Смазка За Сухи Условия

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  • Марка: Joe's No Flats
  • Кат. номер: 0111002
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Make / Марка: Joe's No-Flats 
Model / Модел: Eco-Nano Lube For Dry Conditions 
Manufacturer ID: 180807 
EAN/UPC: 7290101180807

Capacity / Обем: 125ml / 4.2oz 
Application / Приложение: Chain Lube / Смазка за верига 
Extras / Допълнителни: Nano Particles & PTFE / Нано частици и Тефлон 
Suitable for / Подходяща за: Dry conditions / Сухи условия 

Bulk pack / Индустриална опаковка 

Highest efficiency & Environmental Friendly. 
The Eurobike 2012 award winning Eco-Nano lube is the only lube that combines Nano technology with Eco based materials. 
It will dramatically decrease the need for re-lubing between rides. 
Delivers a smoother and longer ride. 
Coats the chain with a thin layer of PTFE. 
Contains unique Nano-particles for superior friction reduction. 
Water based - Eco friendly. 
VOC Free. 
Leaves drive-train parts dry, dust and dirt free. 
Prevents chain suction. 
Keeps chain cleaner compared to other lubes. 
Slow penetration. 
No greasy build up on chain and pulleys. 
Leaves white and clean chain. 
Repel dust. 

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1x Joe’s Eco-Nano Lube For Dry Conditions, 125ml 

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