SDG I-SKY I-beam Camouflage Saddle / Дърт Стрийт Седалка

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  • Марка: SDG Components
  • Кат. номер: 2701026
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Make / Марка: SDG

Model / Модел: I-SKY I-beam

Material / Материал: Snow Camo Top & Black Kevlar Sides. Мека ЕВО Пяна

Size / Размер: 263x173mm

Color / Цвят: Camouflage & Black Kevlar Sides / Камуфлаж & Кевларени страни

Weight / Тегло: 290gr

Rails / Релси: I-BEAM

За този монтаж ви е нужно колче I-beam

Fits / Подходяща за: DJ, 4X, DS, and mtnX

Описание: Много добра джъмп седалка, оригинална от SDG

This saddle is excellent for DJ, 4X, DS, and mtnX

Bulk pack / Индустриална опаковка

Scope of delivery

SDG I-Sky (MSRP $54.99) — The I-SKY line uses the same proven shape as the popular F-Style, but instead of oversized rails the I-Sky uses SDG’s patented I-Beam System, which utilizes the latest DuPont® nylon fiber composite material to create an extremely light and unbelievably strong saddle. The I-Beam system enables top pros like Aaron Chase, Eric Porter and Kyle Ebbett to eliminate bent rails and shed a significant amount of weight from their ride. (263mm x 173mm) 
Light Weight EVA Foam
Gripper Top and KEV Sides
Injection Molded Nose and Tail Bumper For Increased Durability


Price $55  
Weight 290 g  
Color Options Black Gripper Top/ Black Kev sides, Army Camo Top/ Black Kev sides, Gray Gripper Top/ Black Kev sides, Snow Camo Top/ Black Kev sides  
Clamping Standard I-Beam  
Ride Style








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